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Why You Should Define First, Then Conquer

What would happen if you stopped for a moment each week to define your true priorities and focused your time and energy on the tasks needed to complete them?  Would you get more done?  Would you feel better about what you accomplish each day?

Productivity. What’s Your Definition?

Unlike 9 to 5 ‘ers, the work at home professional’s productivity is results based. Back in cubicle-land, you were expected to hang out from 8 am to 5 or 6 pm — no matter how you felt or what you accomplished. The measure was how many hours you put in. Not necessarily how effective you were.

Help Wanted: Wading Through the Virtual #%@&

Unlike the traditional workplace, virtual teams are driven ONLY by a common set of goals and objectives. You need committed and energetic people to stay focused on accomplishing those goals. And since “the virtual workplace” is a relatively new phenomenon, it can be difficult to identify those with previous, relevant experience.

The Secret Life of a Recovering Procrastinator

I worked to build and cultivate a dynamic team. Why not use their expertise? They like manipulating databases, sound great on the phone and are “the whiz” at social media. With that kind of talent around, I’d be a fool to pass up a prime opportunity to delegate.

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