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You deserve to acheive the success you’ve dreamed about.  Growmetix® Business Breakthrough Programs level the playing field, so you reach your goals faster.

You have probably come to Growmetix® because you’re working really hard.  But you’re not yet seeing sustainable business growth. Maybe running the business is getting in the way of growing the business, and you need a little help to move beyond the day-to-day grind.

I know from experience what it feels like to not have a head start. I grew up in inner-city Detroit when our support systems were being stripped from our families. Entrepreneurship was my way out.  The lessons I learned while starting and growing my own business enabled me to change my family’s economic circumstance.

If you’re like me, you are determined to make it work. Get ready to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to grow your business.”

Nikita, Founder of Growmetix®

Nikita Allen

Owner, Business Coach


90-Day Business Jumpstart

Get out of your own way and begin to see lasting results with our Business Jumpstart Program.

Start with a comprehensive assessment to discover insights about you, your business and what makes you tick.  Then, work together to crystalize your vision and outline goals for the business, and establish or clarify actionable steps to get there.  

As you work the plan, Nikita will champion your progress and challenge you to recognize and navigate roadblocks that get in the way.

You are always in control.  Use your online dashboard to book 1:1 Coaching Sessions at your convenience, so you can speed up or throttle back whenever you need.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Up to Nine (9) 50-minute Coaching Sessions over 90 days with Nikita via Zoom, to guide your progress and keep you on track.

OnDemand Courses

Learn from our growing catalogue of video training courses, covering business topics like: The Art of Delegating, Secrets to Getting & Staying Organized and more.

Best Practice Toolkit

Access to essential forms, guides and templates for budgeting, contracting, hiring & onboarding and everything else you need to run your business.


14-Day Laser Coaching Sprint

Deep dive into a specific business challenge with our Laser Coaching Sprint.

Our 14-Day Laser Coaching Sprint is an effective means of targeting a specific business goal.  Start by working with Nikita to clarify expected outcomes and chunk down your goal into manageable tasks.  Then do the work, prioritizing as you go, so you tackle the important stuff first.

This way of working relies on transparency, openness and trust. To be successful, you’ll plan outcomes in advance, make your work visible and update Nikita on your progress daily. 

Every coaching sprint allows for experimentation, feedback and improvement along the way.  You will demo outcomes and discuss ways to get better each day.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

25-Minute Coaching Sessions with Nikita via Zoom every weekday, for two weeks to help you target a specific business challenge.

Workflow Management Tool

Use a cloud-based Kanban Board to track progress, visually manage your work and improve flow.

Prioritized Action Plan

Support to help you laser in on what really matters, chunk down your work and prioritize high value tasks.

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