Get expert advice from an experienced coach who has walked in your shoes.

If running your business is getting in the way of growing your business, we’re here to support you.  Growmetix® offers individual and group coaching programs to help you put your plan into action.

Program Features

Imagine your business with a clear path to success

Our transformative business coaching program will help you increase your confidence and quiet the mental “noise” that distracts you from your goals.  Over the years, we have helped business owners just like you, shift your mindset and focus on the right actions so you begin to see real and lasting results.

Discovery Snapshot

Forget the cookie cutter crap! Discover where you are and what makes you tick so you tackle the right issues.

Action Plan

Work with your coach to define your target and outline actions that are specific to you and your situation.

Live Coaching

Real Time Coaching Sessions help you navigate the barbed wired, bombs and whatever else that gets in your way.

Food for Thought

You will get a new video each week with meaningful insights that make you think and inspire change.

Your Path to Business Growth Starts Here

Choose from Group or One 2 One Coaching programs that take the uniqueness of your business into account while helping you identify was to improve your business and grow.

Group Coaching

Limited to six (6) people, these coach-led small group conversations help you game plan, take action and remove roadblocks.

One 2 One Coaching

These personalized sessions with Nikita help you explore unique challenges while learning to embrace new ways of thinking.


Working on your business pays off.

"The time I spent with Nikita was worth every minute. She offered robust assessments and feasible applications that were specific to my business."

Elisa Caldwell

"Under Nikita's guidance, my time-management skills grew expeditiously and I learned to become more visible as a remote professional."

Jeffrey Simpson

Mike Sales - Digital Design Strategist
"Nikita is a great facilitator --- even in this new virtual environment. I am grateful for the way she holds you accountable and affirms you at the same time."

Michael Sales

image of Aparna Padhye
"Nikita's inclusive approach made everyone an integral part of the journey. Our 1 on 1 coaching session provided me with lots of thought provoking feedback."

Aparna Padhye

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