Business Coaching

How We Help

Imagine Your Business with a Clear Path to Success

Our business coaching programs have helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you build confidence and quiet the mental “noise” that distracts you from your goals.

Get Started Right

Got a great idea, but not sure what's next? We can help you develop a sustainable business model and work with you to create a framework for your company.

Enhance Your Productivity

It's hard to move forward when you're dragging your back end. We can help you streamline processes and implement systems & tools that make your business work.

Get Ready to Scale

Ready to do business with government & large corporations? Growmetix® can help you build relationships with organizational leaders and navigate procurement processes.

Grow Your Business

If running your business is getting in the way of GROWING your business, we can help you shift your mindset and focus on the right actions so you see real and lasting results.

Meet Your Coach

Get expert advice from an experienced coach who has walked in your shoes.

As your coach, Nikita gives it to you straight – with no chaser.  She surfaces uncomfortable issues to inspire growth. You can rely on her to listen to, encourage and advise you, but also challenge you to think differently.
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What's getting
in the way of
your success?

One 2 One™ Coaching

These personalized sessions with Nikita help you explore unique challenges while learning to embrace new ways of thinking.

Group Coaching

Limited to six (6) people, these coach-led small group conversations help you game plan, take action and remove roadblocks.

How Coaching Works

Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Business

 Nikita brings together over 20 years of experience in business operations, marketing, product development and technology to support you.  She has helped thousands of business leaders learn to balance priorities and increase success in work and life.



Nikita may invite you take an assessment to aid her in understanding your values, communication, leadership or work style and other unique characteristics.


Set a Target

Together you will consider Nikita's evaluation, then define and prioritize the outcomes on which you’d like to focus.


Do the Work

Nikita will employ research based methodologies and solid coaching techniques to help you identify and take the right actions to get where you want to go.


Course Correct

Each time you meet, you will review your progress and adjust as necessary.

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