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Thank you for allowing Growmetix® to be a part of your business journey.  One way we continue to grow is through candid feedback. We are anxious to learn about your experience with the One 2 One™ Coaching Program and specifically, with your coach.

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Please take a moment to respond to the questions below.

1. How did the outcome(s) of the One 2 One™ Coaching Program impact your EFFECTIVENESS?
2. Which 1 or 2 factor(s) MOST contributed to the outcome?
3. Which 1 or 2 factor(s) could have made MORE of an impact had they been improved? 
4. Because of coaching with Growmetix® I developed a plan for business growth. 
5. Because of coaching with Growmetix® I improved my ability to establish meaningful business goals. 
6. Because of coaching with Growmetix® I have new or renewed confidence to pursue my goals. 
7. Because of coaching with Growmetix® I have a clearer picture of success.
8. Because of coaching with Growmetix® I have greater satisfaction from being a business owner. 
9. What are the MOST VALUABLE experiences you gained from the One 2 One™ Coaching Program?

10. How has your experiences with the One 2 One™ Coaching Program affected other areas of your life?  

11. Is there anything else you would like to share? 


Working on your business pays off.

Real testimonials from real people with whom we have worked.

"The time I spent with Nikita was worth every minute. She offered robust assessments and feasible applications that were specific to my business."
"Nikita is a great facilitator --- even in this new virtual environment. I am grateful for the way she holds you accountable and affirms you at the same time."
Mike Sales - Digital Design Strategist
Mike Sales
Design Strategist
"Under Nikita's guidance, my time-management skills grew expeditiously and I learned to become more visible as a remote professional."
Jeffrey Simpson
Freelance Writer
"Nikita's inclusive approach made everyone an integral part of the journey. Our 1 on 1 coaching session provided me with lots of thought provoking feedback."
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