The Art of Delegating

Course Overview

People of color sometimes have a hard time with trust.  For centuries, we have been cheated and taken advantage of.  If we learned to play the game and started finding success, it was often taken.  (Sometimes, through violence.)  To protect ourselves, we developed a healthy skepticism.

Now that you’re running a business, you have a choice . . . Do it yourself or grow.  

In order to grow, you must hire people and you must entrust your team members with your good name. In this course, you will learn to exercise your delegation muscle.  We will show you how to overcome your fears and relinquish control.  Finally, you will learn how to recognize when delegation goes wrong and course correct.

You should take this course if:

  • you’re burned out from trying to do it all.
  • you want to enhance your team’s skills and abilities.
  • you’ve tried delegating before — with devastating results.
  • you need to focus on growing the business, but you are afraid to let go.

Course Curriculum

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