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What's Getting in the Way of Your Success?

If running your business is getting in the way of growing your business, Growmetix® can help.  As a Business Breakthrough Member, you’ll get unlimited access to practical strategies and expert advice from an experienced business coach who has walked in your shoes. We’re here to guide you through roadblocks and help you overcome business challenges.


"I'm too overwhelmed with the day to day to make real progress on long term goals."

Finding People

"I need help finding and keeping talented people so I can focus on the bigger picture."

Working the Plan

"I need to stop looking at my business plan and start working it."

Scaling Up

"I think we're ready to do business with bigcorp. Where do I start?"

Managing Finances

"How can I tell if we're making enough money?"


"Sure, I need help, but c'mon, no one can do it like me."


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Your Business Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Let us walk you through our quick & dirty process for writing a business plan that gets results. This FREE eGuide will help you avoid common mistakes and create a plan you can actually stick to.
Use it to get focused, plan your pivot — or just plain ol’ start over.

What Seeds Are You Planting for Your Business?

Traditionally, the New Year is a time of planning forward.  But, what about Spring?  Is now the time to work the soil and plant the seeds that you will wisely, feed, water and finally – harvest, later in the year? 

Quieting the Noise with Self Love

Owning and managing is business is hard. You are the one who makes every decision and is accountable for every outcome. What kind of self love practices help you quiet the noise?

Start with the Right Fuel

Wanna know how we think? Check out FOOD FOR THOUGHT, our collection of articles bringing you powerful insights and expert advice to help you start, build and grow your business.

Expert advice from an experienced coach who has walked in your shoes.

Nikita J. Allen, PMP, CSPO, CSP-SM
As your business coach, Nikita gives it to you straight – with no chaser. She surfaces uncomfortable issues to inspire growth. You can rely on her to listen to, encourage and advise you, but also challenge you to think differently.
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