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Build Your Intellectual Capital

Nobody knows everything you need to know to run a business; We learn as we go. Growmetix® helps you sharpen your business knowledge with on demand video training courses, available 24/7 — so learning fits your schedule.

Designed with You in Mind

We designed the Growmetix® learning experience to showcase content, images, videos and stories to which you can relate.  Our  video courses tackle real world topics from your unique perspective and make it easy to build your business muscle — in just a few hours week.

Available 24 / 7

Fits Your Schedule

Just for You

Unique Perspective

Bite Sized Lessons

Grow at Your Pace

Step by Step

Practical Application


What Clients Are Saying

"The time I spent with Nikita was worth every minute. She offered robust assessments and feasible applications that were specific to my business."

Elisa Caldwell

"Under Nikita's guidance, my time-management skills grew expeditiously and I learned to become more visible as a remote professional."

Jeffrey Simpson

Mike Sales - Digital Design Strategist
"Nikita is a great facilitator --- even in this new virtual environment. I am grateful for the way she holds you accountable and affirms you at the same time."

Michael Sales

image of Aparna Padhye
"Nikita's inclusive approach made everyone an integral part of the journey. Our 1 on 1 coaching session provided me with lots of thought provoking feedback."

Aparna Padhye

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