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We advocate for economic mobility by helping disadvantaged businesses grow.
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Sometimes Hard Work Isn't Enough

Growmetix® offers coaching programs and learning solutions to help entrepreneurs and business owners break through barriers to success. We also serve organizations committed to advancing diverse spend by providing leadership development programs and creating opportunities to do business with a range of diverse companies.

We do this work because we believe business ownership is an often overlooked means of leaving behind the cycle of poverty in which too many persons of color find themselves. We are committed to making entrepreneurial success attainable for all people — irrespective of socioeconomic status or background.

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Serving small businesses across the U.S.

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Leading by example

My Story, Our Story.


I was lucky.

My father was a business owner, so I was introduced to entrepreneurship early on.  Following his example, I launched my first company when I was just 24 years old.  Owning a business opened lots of doors for me.  It exposed me to my potential.  It helped me dream bigger and ultimately, overcome circumstances that some might say were insurmountable.


Representation matters.

Studies tell us that messaging and behavior modeling starts early. Many of us however, don’t have family or friends to show us the way. In 2017, white-owned businesses accounted for 81% of all U.S. companies. Although we are making progress, people of color have limited examples to follow.

That’s why we designed the Growmetix® experience to showcase content, images, videos and stories to which you can relate. We are excited to offer this unique perspective. And we’re honored to serve as a trusted advisor in your business journey.

Nikita J. Allen

Chief Executive Officer