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Virtual Book Club for BIPOC Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of continuous learning and growth. But as a BIPOC entrepreneur, it can feel isolating and challenging to find a community that truly understands your experience.    

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Growmetix® Breakthrough Book Club cultivates an inclusive, judgment-free space for open conversations around the books we read and the shared experiences that shape us.  As a book club member, you’ll join Nikita and other entrepreneurs of color each week to discuss a pre-selected business or leadership title. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from each other, build genuine connections and gain the motivation to turn your dreams into reality.

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Build Your Network

Fellowship with business owners who share your passion for success and understand the unique challenges of starting, building and growing a business.

Upgrade Your Skills

We'll read books to help you improve your leadership skills, acquire new customers, better manage your finances and more.

Shift Your Perspective

Who says you don't have all the answers? Reflect on how each book influences your business strategy and explore new ideas for growth.


What We're Reading

Unlock your full potential with a new business or leadership title each month. Click the arrows to thumb through our upcoming page turners — virtually guaranteed to enhance your business acumen and help you ‘try on’ new ways of thinking and doing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Growmetix® Breakthrough Book Club.

Curious about what to expect as a book club member? Watch the video the learn more about how the Breakthrough Book Club got started. Then click any plus sign for quick answers to our most common questions.

Book titles are carefully curated by our head bookworm, Nikita Allen.  An avid reader, each book represents ideas which helped Nikita navigate her companies from start up to success.

We read many books that are valuable to the unique perspective shared by our book club members. However, this does NOT mean limiting the scope of our growth only to titles authored by persons of color. 

You’ll purchase books on your own (or borrow from a library).  However, your subscription  grants you access to:

  • a welcoming space to share your story and be heard
  • thought-provoking book selections that will empower and inspire you
  • ‘members only’ discussions that allow you to connect with a supportive community of fellow BIPOC entrepreneurs on similar journeys
  • tools and strategies to turn discussion insights into breakthroughs for your business

Weekly Discussions are remote.  Members are invited to join the conversation at 8:45 am on Fridays via Zoom VIDEO Meeting.

You’ll read up to three (3) chapters per week, post your thoughts on a cloud-based whiteboard (questions are shared in advance) and exchange ideas during our weekly book club discussion.

The conversation is facilitated to help us start and end on time, limit rabbit trails and allow everyone an opportunity to respectfully share their opinion of the selection with the group. 

Yes, recorded discussions are a valuable resource for members who may have missed a meeting or want to re-visit certain points of the conversation.  However, to encourage intimacy and cultivate a safe space, recordings are made available only to current members during that month’s reading.

Absolutely!  Since we meet remotely, members can join, read and participate in book club discussions from everywhere.

Because book selections are geared toward growing businesses, you’ll get the most value when you can apply discussions, ideas and outcomes to an already established company.

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