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We know the challenges you face. Growmetix® provides a solid training foundation, ongoing coaching and access to opportunities to help you power through.

How We Help

Reach Your Business Goals Even Faster

Being open for business doesn’t always mean doors are open to you.  Sometimes that doesn’t feel fair — and it’s enough to break your spirit.  Growmetix® can help you level the playing field.  We offer the knowledge, resources and tools you need to remove roadblocks and overcome business challenges.

On Demand Courses

Training to help you develop the skills you need to start, build and grow your business.

Business Coaching

Support from an experienced business coach who can help you reach your goals.

Supplier Readiness

Programs to help you gain access to opportunities with companies who value diversity.

What to Include in Your Independent Contractor Agreement

You finally landed that big contract. Now you need more people (with the right skills) to fulfill the job. Should you sub out the work? Not without a solid Independent Contractor Agreement. If subcontracting is a part of your business growth plan, these steps can help you draft a simple contract to cover the fundamentals.

Developing Your First Business Plan

Apparently, lots of people invest the time and energy necessary to draft a business plan, but don’t follow through. Why do so many business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs fail to execute?

Selecting the Right Tools for Teamwork

Here are a few recommendations for cloud-based technology tools that growing businesses (and the teams who make them work) are using to collaborate with file sharing, messaging, project management and video and web conferencing.

The Trick to Getting Workplace Flexibility Right

The benefits of allowing associates to tailor when, where and how they work are clear. However, you may never realize those benefits if your policies and best practices are not properly implemented. Getting Workplace Flexibility right depends on how well you execute three key aspects.

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