We talk to black and brown business owners everyday. We know the challenges you face.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs of color, you are determined to make your business work. We see you.  And we’re here to help you create the profitable and sustainable business that you’ve always dreamed about.


1 on 1 and Group Coaching to help you ditch the doubt and build unshakable confidence.


Courses and programs to equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to grow.


Opportunities to connect with the right people and increase your social capital.

for Entrepreneurs

We help growing businesses break through barriers to success.

You are not alone . . .

Growmetix® has helped hundreds of growing businesses break through barriers. We’ve gone from start up to success and we’re sharing our lessons learned to guide you through the unique challenges entrepreneurs of color often face.

for Organizations

We help organizations open new doors of opportunity.

Its a two sided equation:

Growmetix® bridges the gap between underrepresented businesses who want to scale, supply chain leaders committed to diverse spend and sourcing teams seeking a better qualified and more diverse supplier base.

Better Qualified Vendors

We create, manage and deliver programs and experiences designed to help growing businesses scale; Equipping them with the knowledge, skills and certifications needed to compete for larger contracts.

A Stronger Supply Chain

We help organizations meet spend targets and build a more resilient supply chain by connecting supplier diversity leaders with underrepresented businesses ready to meet the demands of large companies.

Fresh Perspectives in Procurement

We offer executive coaching and leadership workshops for supply chain leaders and their teams to ignite fresh perspectives and encourage innovation in corporate sourcing and procurement practices.

Client Testimonials

What they say about us . . .

Free Video Series

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Take the guesswork out of getting to breakeven.

For lots of growing businesses, it can take years to see more money coming IN than you have going OUT. Cut through the confusion and hit your profit targets faster with our FREE video series.

Our Differentiators

What sets us apart.

Sometimes hard work alone, isn’t enough.  We are uniquely positioned to help you level the playing field – so you can achieve the success you deserve.

Cultural Awareness

You will learn from trusted advisors who understand your journey through shared lived experiences.

Hands on Experience

Our team is comprised of credentialed coaches and facilitators with strong community ties and a proven track record of running a successful business in the real world.

Tailored Solutions

We design & deliver tailored content, with relevant images, videos and stories, that speaks directly to the unique experiences of entrepreneurs of color.