Forget Resolutions . . . Do YOU!

I am a big fan of examining what I do well and amplifying that. Or, those for you geniuses who excel at more than one skill. Understanding your natural strengths is key to successful team building, parenting, career development and well almost everything! People are generally more enthusiastic and in turn, more impactful when we devote our time to something we are good at or enjoy.

Ready, Set . . . Go! Getting Prepped for the New Year

I know. You’re busy running from one holiday party to the next and bankrolling shopping trips to put those poor retailers’ children through college. I also happen to know that January will be here faster than you can break an ornament. And, you will want to hit the ground running.

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your resolutions, business objectives and performance goals. This is YOUR year-end productivity push!

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