Food for Thought

Why Lists are STILL Relevant

If you have never used lists to help organize your workday – or perhaps, in the age of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, you believe lists are dinosaurs – it may be time re-consider.

Turning Procrastination into Productivity

What happens when you have to work, but you don’t want to? We’ve all experienced it. On a Sunday night, you hear yourself say, “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.” Or, perhaps you are at work with a looming deadline on a big project, but you’re just not in the mood . . .

Why You Should Define First, Then Conquer

What would happen if you stopped for a moment each week to define your true priorities and focused your time and energy on the tasks needed to complete them?  Would you get more done?  Would you feel better about what you accomplish each day?

Productivity. What’s Your Definition?

Unlike 9 to 5 ‘ers, the work at home professional’s productivity is results based. Back in cubicle-land, you were expected to hang out from 8 am to 5 or 6 pm — no matter how you felt or what you accomplished. The measure was how many hours you put in. Not necessarily how effective you were.

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