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The Key to Unlocking Your Company’s Potential

With a menu of flexible work options employees are no longer locked into traditional routines — like clocking in and clocking out. Rather, success is measured by results (e.g. the fulfillment of certain duties and responsibilities) and workers are afforded more freedom in deciding how to effectively perform their job functions.

If I Fall Will You Catch Me?

Remember the trust fall scene in the 2004 comedy classic, “Mean Girls” where Miss Norbury (Tina Fey) holds a rally for the students to apologize for their wrong doings? After each girl apologizes, she falls backwards into a crowd of students as a symbol of trust. Wouldn’t it be cool if your team could trust YOU when they fall?

Why We Love Project Managers for Small Business

Big businesses have long embraced the value of Project Managers. It’s time we caught up. PMs are specialists in the art of working smarter (also known as productivity). And who better to benefit from the magic of project management than a time-crunched, boot-strapping entrepreneur?

To Change the Culture, Change Your Habits

Change is often coupled with growth. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to long held beliefs, learning new ways of being and doing or risking embarrassment, when you don’t have all the answers. But, managing change isn’t enough. We have to lead it.

Why Collaboration is Your Biggest Productivity Issue

IT Spend is one the rise. Companies are investing in the cloud and equipping managers and their teams with the skills needed to run those applications. But, are we also giving greater consideration and bigger budgets to the soft skills training necessary to turn that utility into actual productivity?

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