Why We Love Project Managers for Small Business

Think project management is only for big banks, builders and government contracts? Nope. Maybe you limit its relevance to software applications or technology roll outs? Think again. Project Management is a powerful productivity tool for growing companies, just like yours.

Take a moment to consider the work you do every day. Projects don’t have to go on forever or consume a large budget. In fact, small-scale projects are the most common kind of project.

Simply put, a project is any set of associated tasks that share a specific start + end time – and a desired result. And, who doesn’t have some of those meandering around?

Enter the Project Manager. [Insert superman music here!] The Project Management Institute (PMI) describes project management as the “application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.” I say, PMs are specialists in the art of working smarter, also known as productivity. We deliver the flexibility smaller organizations need to gain an edge over your competitors.

Whether by pre-disposition or through training, we understand how to break “the big picture” into tiny segments, juggle all the balls and motivate key players to do their part. All, without breaking a sweat! And who better to benefit from the magic of project management than a time-crunched, boot-strapping entrepreneur?

Here are three easy ways you can use a Project Manager to increase your productivity:

  • Better Processes – Best Practices shouldn’t be limited to the Fortune 500. Large or small, you might outsource work to a project management firm if your company lacks consistency in the way you on board or train new associates, deliver your products or service your customers. If no one can do it the way you do, you will love this . . . Project Managers can save you money by creating repeatable processes that ensure work is completed the right way (your way), every single time.
  • Easy Organization – A common challenge for small business owners is getting and staying organized. You have papers flying all around the office, misplace important documents and forget to submit expense receipts. If you wear so many hats, you can’t seem to keep ‘em on straight, you might consider engaging a Project Manager to organize, manage and track your company’s work projects in a central location. A talented PM will proactively share timely and accurate status reports, so you always know who’s on first.
  • More Collaboration – Today’s technology tools allow us to work anywhere – often, in cross-functional teams. That’s a BIG advantage for any small business. If your team consists of “Me, Myself and I”, you might compete with larger firms by scaling up or down through strategic partnerships, working with sub-contractors or hiring freelancers. But, that’s a lot of personalities and work styles to think through. A skilled Project Manager could be just who you need to quickly build rapport and facilitate collaboration, so you get the most out of your impromptu work teams.

Big businesses have long embraced the magic of project management. It’s time we caught up. Fortunately, outsourced project management services have leveled the playing field for small- to mid- sized companies with intermittent needs or limited budgets.

PMs can be a game changer for growing companies who “get” that being small is NOT about trying to do it all yourself. Engaging a Project Manager to create repeatable processes, organize + track your projects and drive collaboration within your work teams can boost your competitiveness and help you focus in on more strategic initiatives. It’s a common sense approach to working smarter.

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