Clarifying Your Picture of Success

Have you ever felt like your business dreams are so big they seem unreachable?

You are not alone. Harvard Business Review, published that half the leaders in their CEO Snapshot Survey reported experiencing feelings of loneliness.  “Because the big-picture strategy decisions a CEO must make can be overwhelming, it is easy to become mired in small details and push aside decisions that really matter.”  

Staying centered on your long-range business goals can be even more important for business owners of color.  For us, owning a business is bigger than making money. Often, it’s a reflection of our identity, our heritage and desire to create generational wealth. 

If your vision isn’t clear and concise, it will be easy to get off track. You need a big picture that keeps you focused on the end game – without creating that sense of overwhelm. I call this your “Picture of Success. 

We have all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  And, it’s true!  Pictures are a vibrant and multi-dimensional way of seeing.  As a business coach, I use my ‘Picture of Success’ technique to help my clients see beyond the immediate and crystalize their business vision.

Painting your picture of success using descriptive words may take some practice, but it is the first step in losing the sense of overwhelm that plagues growing business owners.

Here three steps you can use to paint your Picture of Success:

  1. Begin with the end in mind.  Start by defining what you want to achieve. Imagine you have already reached the outcome you’re seeking . . . Congratulations!
  2. Tell your story.  Imagine you are sharing the journey of your success with a young child. Perhaps this is you, when you were 10 years old.  Jot it down in a journal or on a piece of paper:
  • How would you describe the outcome? 
  • What words and / or phrases would you use to help convey a clear image of your success? 

As you tell the story, use words that SHOW over those that tell. Be specific. Include details that appeal to 10-year-old YOU’s senses (e.g., sight, sound, smell, taste and / or touch). For example, you might describe what the people involved saw, what they thought or how they felt when success was accomplished. 

  1. Share your Picture.  When you’ve finished writing, share your picture of success with a trusted advisor; Perhaps another growing business owner, your partner or team members.  Be open to allowing them to help shape the final version.

Then post that vision in a place where you can see it every day.

Growing a business takes guts, but you don’t have to do it alone. Growmetix can help you craft a meaningful picture of success and guide you as you work to execute your dreams.  Book a Discovery Call today to learn more. 

Let’s break barriers together.


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