Lead with FOCUS: 5 Ways to Kick the Pivot Habit 



Pivot.  We heard that word repeatedly during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

And the stakes were high.   Many growing business owners could not operate your company, generate revenue or even pay your employees.  So, you embraced the pivot.  You figured out how to repackage your product or service, sell online or work remotely.  

Learning to pivot was useful in that unprecedented situation, but absent a crisis, pivot could translate to “lack of focus.  If you’re honest with yourself, you might discover that pivoting is comfortable.  It doesn’t require a commitment or box you in. And it can free you from having to make a decision and stick with it.   

Here’s how that might hold you back:

Growing a profitable and sustainable business isn’t always about going in a different direction when you hit a roadblock.  Each time you pivot, you erode the potential of the work you put in.  Momentum is lost and your time and energy get scattered across unfinished paths. 

Adaptability is an important skill, but staying focused when the going gets tough could create just the breakthrough your business needs.  For me, the word FOCUS is an acronym. It stands for ‘follow one course until success,’ and it’s like having a superpower. FOCUS gives your ideas goals and plans the time they need and deserve to truly shine! 

It’s All Coming into FOCUS

Follow One Course Until Success. This power move is all about diving deep and giving your all to one venture before hopping onto the next. It’s like making sure your first album is a platinum hit before starting the next. This approach guarantees your business is not just a one-hit wonder but a legacy of depth and quality.

If you’re stuck in a pivot loop, here are a five ways you can lead with FOCUS:

  • Value Depth Over Breadth: Diving deep means you get to explore every hidden treasure and secret spot. Think of it as crafting your own masterpiece, where every brush stroke counts. This depth ensures that your project isn’t just good; it’s a showstopper.
  • Avoid Overextension: In a world buzzing with endless opportunities, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out. But here’s a fun fact: true genius lies in focus. When you commit to one project at a time, you’re channeling all your creativity and energy into making it a knockout. This isn’t about missing out; it’s about making sure that what you do is top-notch.
  • Mastering Clear Goals: Setting goals is like drawing a treasure map where X marks the spot. But in order to find gold, you have to make sure the map is clear, precise, and leads straight to the treasure chest. Keep your focus laser-sharp on these goals. Don’t get sidetracked by the shiny distractions along the way.
  • Strategic Pivoting: Think of pivoting as the plot twist in your favorite blockbuster – it’s there for a reason, and when it happens, it’s mind-blowing. For example, in the 1996 blockbuster Twister, the chasers had to adjust their approach to stay safe and collect data as the storm changed course. Likewise, when running a business, you must be willing to pivot your strategies based on the information you gather. Strategic pivots are those game-changing moves that come after careful thought, not just on a whim. Every shift should add depth and drama to your business story, not just jump scenes for the sake of it. These pivots should be your “wow” moments, perfectly timed to take your business to the next level.
  • Develop a Focused Business Plan: Your business plan isn’t just a document; it’s the script for your success story. It lays out the plot, introduces the characters, and sets the scenes for your business performance. With a FOCUS-friendly script, you’re guaranteed to keep your clients and competitors on the edge of their seats.

Only “Pivot” in the Right Direction

Mastering FOCUS in business is like learning when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. It’s about sticking to your guns but knowing when a strategic shuffle is needed. At Growmetix, we get that the pivot dance is tempting, but hey, there’s a lot of magic in staying on point too. 

Need a hand in sharpening your business FOCUS? Give us a shout, book a call, and let’s team up to make your business path as focused and fabulous as you are. Let’s turn your business journey into a chart-topping hit! If you want to strengthen your business focus and require strategic advice, contact Growmetix today.

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