Optimizing Your Workspace for Productivity

People are always curious about the wallpaper in the background of my videos or Zoom meetings.  If you know anything about me, you know I’m authentically and unapologetically me; I keep it real and I don’t do fake.  So, I wanted to have a real Zoom background and I also wanted to create a space that I feel excited and empowered to work in every day.  My space is a reflection of my core values: authenticity and realness. 

Here’s a look at some of the ways my workspace helps me be productive:

      • A place to retreat: When I’m dealing with an uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation or need to take a break, I’ve got a comfy sofa with a ‘keep me warm’ blanket where I can meditate, pray or read.

      • I’m always down for organization.  Books are only useful when you can find the one you need when you need it so I have a bookcase to organize all my reading materials.

      • Dry erase board, cork board and cubbies to keep my vision board, thank you cards I’ve gotten over the years, pictures of my kids and other inspirational assets that help me remember my why. The vision board, thank-you notes, and family pictures are my personal cheer squad, reminding me of my purpose and the people who inspire me. 

      • And some plants!  I love my plant babies.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, consider adding something organic to your space to create a sense of Zen that calms our spirits.

    I’m a coach, a training facilitator and speaker.  My workspace is an office, but not everyone has a traditional office. For you plumbers and electricians, working out of your truck or barbers and stylists working from a salon station, what are some ways you can make your workspace work for you? Maybe it’s a toolbox organizer with inspirational quotes or a portable whiteboard for jotting down ideas. Every profession has its unique needs, and the key is finding ways to tailor your workspace to boost your productivity and happiness.

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